Saturday, March 20, 2010

Boy Eats Drum Machine at the Liberty

Today was a cold, dreary, wintry day in Austin. Just last week we were basking in temps that approached 80 degrees, and today we're freezing our butts off.

The weather seemed perfect for the outdoor gig at the Liberty which featured all-Portland bands. More than one musician joked about bringing the Portland weather with them to Texas.

I came to see Jon Ragel, aka Boy Eats Drum Machine. This is about the fourth or fifth time I've seen Jon, but the first time since leaving Portland last year, and the first since he released his new album Hoop + Wire. The new songs are more fluid and more accessible than the songs from Booomboxxx (one of my favorite LPs), and a little less exotic and angular. I purchased both the LP and CD before I left and listened to the CD on my way home. I'll review it when it sinks in a little more, but I like it.

I also watched the set from another Portland band named World's Greatest Ghosts, and I enjoyed them as well. I fell in love with the female bassist--she's the epitome of every cute Portland girl I've ever seen. In other words, she was pale, wore glasses and was a true thinking man's beauty. Her name is Emily Laney. She looks like an Emily. The promo pic below doesn't do her justice. But there she is. Wow.

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