Monday, October 10, 2011

For Those of You Who Miss Your Dad's Hi-Fi Console...'s back!

Built here in the Austin area by master carpenter Mark Macek, this is being featured by Brian DiFrank at Whetstone Audio. I had a chance to see the "unveiling" after I visited Brian, but I had a previous engagement. I can't wait to see this in person.

As you can see, this one houses a mostly Rega system. Brian discussed slipping a pair of Rega R1s in the speaker compartments, but I'm not sure if they're in the system in the pics.

While these types of consoles traditionally didn't place the speakers far apart enough to create an expansive stereo image, I bet this console would deliver the goods in small rooms or otherwise crowded spaces. The cool factor, at any rate, is through the roof. Even the cloth for the grilles are made from Marshall amp stock!

For more info, check out the Whetstone Audio website.

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