Saturday, August 4, 2012

Day One of the California Audio Show...

Full system ready to go in the Cypress I Room at the California Audio Show. Our Unison Research amps and CD players are doing a magnificent job at making these new Kef speakers sound their best. We're using both the Simply Italy and the Unico Secondo amps, which sound very different from each other, and I'm very happy with the sound.

I'll make a full show report after I'm done. As an exhibitor, I don't get to tour the rooms as I used to, but there are so many people involved in our rooms (Kef, Nordost, Musical Surroundings and our dealer, AudioVision SF) that Colleen and I have some freedom to see the other gear at the show. For instance, I finally got to hear the Magico Q1 speakers--small stand mounted monitors that cost $27,000 per pair--and was pretty amazed at what they could do.

More to follow...

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