Friday, January 18, 2013

Ane Brun's It All Starts with One on CD

Just some quick love here (a quickie?) for Ane Brun's 2011 CD, It All Starts with Nothing, because it's been in my CD player since I got back from CES. Bartolomeo Nasta and I visited the CH Precision/Zellaton room at CES, as I mentioned in my last blog, and Gideon Schwartz from Audio Arts, the US distributor, played the song "Worship" for us during the demonstration. Both Bart and I looked at each other and I said, "this is really good" and he agreed. I asked Gideon who it was, and he said "Ane Brun" about five times because I said "Huh?" four times. He finally handed me the CD, and somehow I was surprised that he wowed us with redbook CD as opposed to some fancy-schmancy hi-rez digital download running the through the mega-buck CH Precision DAC. That says a lot about the sound quality, which is rich and lifelike.

Ane Brun, who hails from Norway, has been around for a while; It All Starts with One is actually her eighth album since 2003. She's also been touring with Peter Gabriel and she runs her own record label, Balloon Ranger. So it's one more time that the Vinyl Anachronist is behind the curve and recommending one more thing that everyone else has known about for years. I'm just happy that I have a new CD that I can use to wow the crowds at trade shows.

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  1. I love this album as well. I imported the vinyl. Great pressing btw. Also checkout Agnes Obel, Philharmonia.