Thursday, October 3, 2013

A Great Desk System for Listening to Blu-ray Audio

I've just assembled this impromptu system next to my computer consisting of the Carot One Ernestolone DAC/headphone amp/integrated amp, the Cardas Audio EM5813 ear phones and my trusty Samsung Blu-ray player. So far this is my favorite application for the Carot One--the sound quality is warm, open and impressive. I've obviously dedicated this system to my collection of 2L Recordings' Blu-ray audio discs. It sounds so good that I'm going to take it with me to the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest this weekend.

I'll probably leave the Cardas earphones behind--I really don't want them to see the insides of hundreds of strange ear canals. Think of all the Purell I'd have to bring! Instead, Dan Muzquiz of Blackbird Audio Gallery is going to bring the latest headphones from Ultrasone.

I was able to use a pair of earphones from another company for a few days, but they were a prototype so I can't quite talk about them yet. They were relatively inexpensive and offered fantastic sound quality as well. (I'm not going to compare them to the EM5813, which are more than twice as expensive.) I will be getting a final production model after CES, so stay tuned. I'm only bringing them up because I'm hearing some fantastic in-the-ear phones of late, and it's amazing what kind of sound quality you can get for a relatively modest price. I think the Cardas EM5813s are so good for their price ($425) that it's really shaking up the headphone market.

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