Saturday, July 3, 2010

Support the Texas Music Movement

I've been networking with a couple of Texas music organizations over the last few weeks, trying to get a foothold into the local music critic scene. The best so far has been the Support the Texas Music Movement. Located at, it's basically a Facebook page that acts as a meeting place for Texas musicians, radio stations, clubs and promoters.

I was contacted by Wendy Lemke, one of the admins, and she was open and friendly and funny, just like most Texans. She invited me to participate and post there often, which I think I'll do.  Considering I've seen quite a few great--and relatively unknown--Texas musicians in recent weeks (Buttercup, Churchwood, Honky, etc.), I think this will be great opportunity for me to start talking more about Texas music.

Unfortunately I missed Russ Garvey's performance last week, which was right here in Kyle! There aren't a lot of venues in my new hometown, but he managed to book a free appearance at a local cafe. If I'd known about the Support the Texas Music Movement a few days earlier, I would have gone. From now on, I'm going to be checking their website regularly for great Texas music.

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