Friday, May 13, 2011

Great article on Chad Kassem's new record pressing facility

There's a great article on the Acoustic Sounds website regarding Chad Kassem's new record pressing facility. Written by David Clouston of the Salina Journal, the article even goes as far as to say: "Driving the market is an increasing demand for the superior quality of music that vinyl LPs provide over the more popular CDs."

Outstanding, Chad! Good luck with the new venture! You can read the article at


  1. This is not only a prime example of the American Spirit,ts a visceral coming of age story. Kudos to everyone at APO and Blue Heaven Studios and now the pressing plant folks! May Salina,Kansas indeed be the vanguard of the vinyl pressing industry as it reaches into the 21st Century with Chad Kassem at the helm.

  2. So true, so true! Since a few months I am the very proud owner of a 14 year old Linn LP12 and have since amazed audiophiles as well as non-audiophile music lovers with the astoundingly detailed, spacious, fluent and warm sound vinyl offers! Real music is just so much more real on vinyl. It even blows away HD audio tracks via my Naim DAC. Vinyl will stay for sure for those with discerning ears.

    Best regards,

    Vincent, The Netherlands