Thursday, February 21, 2013

CCI at the AXPONA Chicago Show in Two Weeks!

Colleen and I are gearing for our biggest trade show yet...two complete rooms at the upcoming AXPONA show in Chicago. Chicago hasn't had a high-end audio trade show since the Winter CES was cancelled fifteen years ago, so everyone is expecting a huge and enthusiastic turnout.

Here's a rundown of our two rooms and the systems we will be featuring:

In room 817 we will be featuring the Unison Research Simply Italy integrated amplifier coupled with the new Unison Research Unico Upower booster amp–48 wpc channel of beautiful single-ended EL34 sound. We will also have the Unison Research CDE CD player, the Opera Quinta loudspeakers, all on a Trellis rack from Splintr Designs and cabling and power management courtesy of MIT.

The second CCI room at the Chicago AXPONA show, room 813, will feature an extraordinary system that includes the US debut of the PureAudio Control preamplifier and the PureAudio Reference monoblock amplifiers, along with the outstanding PureAudio Vinyl phono preamplifier we debuted at RMAF last October. We will also be using a SOTA Millenium turntable with a Soundsmith cartridge, and all cables and power management will be provided by WyWires. The loudspeakers are the incredible My Audio Design Duke Royal Limited which appeared at CES.

Special thanks goes to Arnold Martinez of Tweak Studio, our Chicago dealer for Unison Research and My Audio Design. Arnold has been instrumental in helping us organize and run both rooms, while at the same time he's planning a grand opening for his new store at the Hyatt Regency--which will be held right before the show. Colleen and I will be attending that event as well, and I'll have more information soon.

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