Friday, September 24, 2010, an audiophile blog in The Netherlands, has posted a link to my blog, and I'm starting to get quite a bit of traffic from that part of the world! So welcome!

By the way, I'm amused that this blog is described "Blog van Marc Phillips" (my new porn name?), and that the link says "Nieuw!" (I think I know what that word means!)

So I'd like to return the favor and tell everyone to check out their site at Lots of great pics, too!


  1. Hi Marc, thanks for returning the link, I feel very honored.
    By the way; "Blog van Marc Phillips" just means "Marc Phillips's Blog" so I'm afraid I must disappoint you about your new nickname. ;-)

    Greetings from Holland!


  2. Thanks, Paul! I have a few Dutch friends, and I always find it amazing just how close Dutch can be to English.

    I still like the sound of Blog van Marc Phillips, though. Lemme dream!