Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Jungle Rockers, Royal Butchers, Modern Don Juans at the Continental Club...Saturday July 3

Sorry for the dark, blurry pic, but a) the Continental Club is always really dark, and b) the Jungle Rockers were such a fun, manic band that my cell phone camera had a tough time capturing a calm moment during their performance. The JRs are originally from Cleveland, but they relocated to Austin because their '50s party aesthetic fits in perfectly with the Live Music Capital of the World. While these guys had a fairly conventional, albeit tight sound, the atonal solos from the lead guitarist gave them a more edgy, original vibe. And yes, the guy to the right of the drummer is the band's full-time tambourine player/backing vocalist, the first one I've seen since Davy Jones or the little red-headed girl from the Partridge Family.

Opening for the Jungle Rockers were the Modern Don Juans, a GREAT rockabilly band that featured a cool, portly singer who was every bit as soulful as David Hidalgo or Cesar Rosas. The Royal Butchers, carrying on the Continental's rep for so-so middle acts, were merely competent in their straightforward rock 'n' roll. Not bad, just not that memorable, despite a swaggering British lead singer.

Margaret and I are quickly becoming regulars at the Continental Club. We've seen some great acts there over the last few weeks (Hell's Belles, Churchwood, Honky, Buttercup), and the sound system there isn't quite as overwhelming as in many clubs in Austin (IOW, no earplugs needed). I may even venture down there today...they had some cool t-shirts for sale up front.

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