Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Cookie Lady!

Well, she's not officially known as The Cookie Lady yet, but that's what we're calling Erin Pont, proprietor of All Mom's Cookies here in downtown Kyle. Erin, like me, is from California, and she just starting selling her delicious baked goods in a small white shack amid the ever-growing downtown area of Kyle. She's only open from 6am to about 11am, which means you'll have to eat one of her incredibly delicious cookies, breads and desserts for breakfast. Thanks to her Jack Black Breakfast Cookie, that's not quite as decadent as it sounds.

I know that a healthy, gluten-free vegan cookie sounds about as appealing and dry as a week-old bran least until you taste it. Made from sunflower seeds, coconut and flax seed, the JBBC tastes delicious. It's moist, sweet, filling and very very good for you. Instead of grabbing my usual apple fritter from the donut shop down the block, I'm going to make it a habit to eat one of her healthy cookies and wash it down with some of the best coffee in town (supplied, of course, by local coffee growers).

(Incidentally, Erin originally made the JBBC for its namesake, who loves them!)

There's a little more to Erin and her cookie stand than meets the eye, however, which of course is why I'm blogging about her. Erin donates a portion of her sales to two noteworthy causes. One cause works with parents and caregivers of special needs children, a charity that is near and dear to my heart. The other cause is a local rescue organization that specializes in farm animals that have been abused or otherwise neglected. If you spend any time talking to Erin, you'll quickly realize that she's one of those people who have a truly HUGE heart, and she loves giving back to the community.

The more I learn about the people in my newly adopted hometown of Kyle, the more I realize that it's populated with kind souls who really do want to make the world a better place. So the next time you're cruising through downtown Kyle, make a stop at All Mom's Cookies and Coffee and tell The Cookie Lady that the Vinyl Anachronist sent you. If you're not sure about the Jack Black Breakfast Cookie, you can still be decadent and order one of her non-vegan Snickerdoodle or chocolate pecan cookies or some fantastic pumpkin or banana bread. It's located on 102 N. Burleson Street in Kyle, just off Central.

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