Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Big Move

I've been a little remiss in blogging for the past couple of weeks because we're preparing for a big move to Colorado. After four years in Texas, my work here is done. Those of you who have known me personally over the years know that I like to mix it up every few years and move to somewhere completely new--and for a multitude of reasons. This time I'm moving to a place for nothing but good reasons--mostly because Colleen and I can run CCI from anywhere in the country, so why not do it from a place that's beautifully and doesn't experience triple digit temperatures for months on end? In addition, we're moving close to my parents who are at that point in their lives where they need to have someone living close.

I did luck out in one particular way. Our new house in Colorado will have a spectacular sound room. I didn't break out the measuring tape, but I estimate it to be at least 24' by 18'. I absolutely loved our house in Texas, but the listening room was a bit too small--despite the fact the entire house had 12' ceilings. Since we deal with large loudspeakers that require plenty of room (Opera Grand Callas, My Audio Design Royal Dukes, etc.) this will be quite the blessing.

I do have a pile of CDs and LPs to review before we leave, so I will try to get those finished in the next few days before I have to pack up the system and drag it across the Texas Panhandle!

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