Friday, March 27, 2015

Kirk Bodinet of SOTA Turntables, RIP

I just received an email from Donna Bodinet of SOTA Turntables--her husband and business partner Kirk Bodinet passed away this last Monday, March 23. I've been working with the Bodinets over the last few years--we did a room share at AXPONA a couple of years ago, I interviewed them for Perfect Sound Forever, and I reviewed their LP RCM record cleaning machine for Positive Feedback Online. Both Kirk and Donna are wonderful, kind and down-to-earth people who took a respected yet defunct brand, resurrected it and returned the SOTA name to the iconic status it deserved. Kirk was responsible for designing both the entry level Moonbeam and Comet turntables--my current choice for the best affordable turntables on the market.

Donna says that the future of SOTA Turntables is safe, but Kirk's passing leaves a big void in the world of analog music reproduction. I wish the best for Donna and her wonderful company in the years ahead.

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