Monday, July 6, 2015

A New Review of the Trenner & Friedl ART Loudspeaker

Positive Feedback, a high-end audio publication that occasionally publishes my articles, made me smile today by reprinting a wonderful review of the Trenner & Friedl ART monitors by Marek Dyba. I usually praise these speakers to the skies without concern for conflict of interest--they are the loudspeakers I've used in my own personal system for several years, and I'll gladly recommend them to anyone who wants a high-performance premium two-way monitor that offers a huge sound from a little box. Plus, they are absolutely beautiful--they are built by hand in Austria using the finest materials and exemplary craftsmanship. I am proud to own these.

I guess I'm excited about this review because the ARTs haven't had many reviews...other than mine, of course. It blows my mind that everyone isn't familiar with the ARTs and what they can do. Over the last few years, I've met a handful of fellow ART owners within the US, and we tend to act like one of those guys who discover a great band in a small club, conflicted and hesitant to spread the word because we don't want everyone to come along and make them popular, making us feel less special. Actually, we should be doing the opposite--telling every audiophile we know that they need to sit down and audition a pair before they die.

In Texas, I hosted a few audiophiles at my house--audiophiles who just wanted to hear the ARTs. At least one of those audiophiles wound up buying a pair, and another keeps telling me he's saving up. So this review is most welcome--not because audio journalism can make or break a product as much in 2015 as in 2005, but because this speaker deserves the buzz.

You can view the review right here.


  1. I bought a pair based on your earlier review and love them. Best all around bookshelf I've heard at their price point and beyond by some margin. I wanted a speaker that makes well recorded material shine as well as was kind to older bad recordings (I listen to a lot of early 80s post-punk) and the ARTs deliver.

  2. Awesome! Glad you love them.

  3. I'll never forget hearing Dead Can Dance through these suckers in Kyle. The cigars and single malt really set it off. Still saving.

    -Brian Everett

    1. Hi Brian! I still have those ARTs and I still love them. Hope you're doing well. If you're ever in Western Colorado, stop by again!