Thursday, January 19, 2017

More Goodies from Stephen Douglas Wolfe

I'm hanging out at my Syracuse dealer's store, and some guy who looked suspiciously like singer-songwriter Stephen Douglas Wolfe walks in with a bunch of music from Stephen Douglas Wolfe and says, "thank you for reviewing that 7" single from Stephen Douglas Wolfe." He was with another guy who looked suspiciously like Ulf Oesterle from Aux Records.

They handed me the collected works of Stephen Douglas Wolfe--which you can order from his website. If you visit the website, like I did just thirty seconds ago, you'll see Stephen Douglas Wolfe on the home page, walking around in Armory Square in Syracuse, right past the store where I'm now sitting. Wait, just now I looked out the window and Stephen Douglas Wolfe just walked by again! He is everywhere!

On a day where I actually received a lot of new music to review, this was just too cool to ignore. I really like Stephen's 7" single "We'll Live"--and I'm looking forward to the rest of these discs. Thanks Stephen and Ulf for dropping by!

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