Thursday, September 27, 2018

Got a New Job!

I'm honored to join the Part-Time Audiophile team on a regular basis as Managing Editor of The Occasional, their lifestyle publication. You can read the press release here for more details. We'll be attempting something unique with The Occasional--instead of being yet another high-end audio website, we'll be focused on things audiophiles also enjoy. We're painting on a much bigger canvas here--fine wine, fashion, cigars, watches, automobiles and, hopefully, a lot more about the music.

I'll be returning to the equipment reviewing game as well, something that I've missed greatly during the last seven years. I'll be covering high-end audio shows as well, starting with the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest which is right around the corner, October 3-5.

As for this blog, I'll continue posting as time permits. I will also continue posting music reviews for Positive Feedback, since they partner with Part-Time Audiophile in posting content. I receive so much music from artists, record labels and publicists that I'm not sure how to cover it in a quarterly publication. So we'll let everything evolve naturally.

Suffice it to say that I'm extremely happy with this sudden and unexpected turn of events--I've always thought of myself as a writer more than anything else, and now I get to live that dream! Thanks to everyone who has encouraged me over the last few years...I appreciate it.

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