Monday, February 8, 2010


This is more of an experiment than anything.

When I left TONEAudio in 2009, publisher Jeff Dorgay told me, "You should do your own thing, like a blog!" Just a few weeks ago, a person completely unrelated to the audio industry told me the same thing. While I do work as a search engine optimization (SEO) content writer for a couple of companies, I still have no idea if anyone will "follow" my blog or even know that it exists.

I could use my SEO smarts and use repetitive keyphrases to lure you into my fold, but I'd rather just talk about the things I want to talk about. That means NO editors, NO filters, nothing between you and me.

For those of you still curious about who I am, you can check out the Vinyl Anachronist columns at Perfect Sound Forever:

There's a nifty inner page that has all seventy-something of my Vinyl Anachronist columns, too:

Then there's the New Zealand version of my Vinyl Anachronist column at the magazine AudioEnz:

Finally, you can check out TONEAudio at see my old stuff:

There! I said "The Vinyl Anachronist" four times. That's the magic amount for SEO purposes.

Finally, feel free to email me with your questions at

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