Tuesday, January 18, 2011


"So...have you joined AudioEvo yet?"

That was Dave Clark, editor of Positive Feedback Online, after he met me at CES earlier this month. I thought about it for a minute--I certainly thought I did. I remember browsing the forum and starting the sign-up process. But for some reason the answer wound up being a rather sheepish no. I hadn't joined yet. I'm not sure why I didn't finish the sign-up process. It was a grave misstep on my part. Every audiophile should join.

That's because AudioEvo is one of the rare audiophile/music discussion forums that actually fosters a family-like atmosphere. Many of those other forums may SAY that they're like a big family, but they're still full of bickering and flaming and feuding (okay, much like a real family I suppose!).

But AudioEvo.org maintains a much more professional and pleasant level of discourse. That's because it's full of audio journalists and manufacturers and enthusiastic audiophiles. A lot of these individuals know each other outside of AudioEvo. It's an oasis. You won't find a lot of objectivist vs. subjectivist flaming. You won't find class warfare between those who can afford high-dollar gear and those who maintain that it doesn't get any better than a $129 CD player and a $300 audio/video receiver. It's full of people who LOVE high-end audio, and that love is infectious.

I've met AudioEvo.org co-founder Gavin Fish twice in the last month, and he's one of those guys who "gets it." "Getting it," by the way, is a code phrase for those audiophiles who are having way too much fun listening to music to worry about the gear. I asked Gavin about his objectives and goals for AudioEvo.org:

"AudioEvo.org's is a true audiophile community. Formatted similar to Facebook and LinkedIn, AudioEvo.org enables audiophiles to get and stay connected with music lovers from around the world. We encourage our members to share experiences, engage in discussions, and post photos, videos, and opinions. It's really that simple!"

I've only been a member for a couple of weeks, and I'm already digging AudioEvo. (And not just because I already have the cool t-shirt.) I've joined quite a few audio groups over the years, and sometimes I hang around and sometimes I just can't get into the habit. But when I joined AudioEvo, I received a warm greeting and immediately felt like I was home. Everyone who joins AudioEvo gets the same warm welcome.

If this sounds like a great place to you, then I urge you to check out and even become a member. Just visit audioevo.org for more information.

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  1. It's been great getting to know you , Marc. We're certainly glad you've joined our community.