Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Palmer turntables...now at Gene Rubin Audio!

A few months ago I blogged about the Palmer turntables from the UK, calling them "audio porn." These turntables are beautiful and the buzz has been strong. Well, I just got an email from my friend Gene Rubin of Gene Rubin Audio in Ventura, California, and he's quite smitten with these analog rigs and has decided to carry them. Gene, who has always had GREAT taste in turntables (he's the one who steered me toward both Regas and Michells), feels that these are the best he's heard--which is high praise indeed.

I'll let Gene take it from here:

"After 32 years of selling, enjoying and hearing practically all of the very best LP turntables, I have finally found a turntable that is so remarkable, it is like entering another world."

"The Palmer 2.5, as you see it here, comes with the Scottish Audio Origami tonearm. I am using it with the Dynavector 20X2 cartridge. I had been hearing incredible reviews about the Palmer from my sources in the UK. Jon Palmer sent this table for me to use at Stereophile Show in Newport Beach. Within minutes after I set this turntable up, I was listening with my jaw dropped. I practically can't describe how incredible it is. Pure silent background, music that is so real you just can't tear yourself away from it. I played nothing but LP's the entire show. Visitors to the room would sigh a breath of relief at finally being able to relax in a room with real music. Some listeners spents hours and came back over and over to revel in the sound of this table with the LFD amp and Harbeth speakers."

Price for the Palmer 2.5 is $5995, and the Audio Origami arm is $3495. You can check them out on Gene's site at www.generubinaudio.com.

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