Saturday, September 3, 2011

Thorens TD-160 Super w/Incognito-wired Rega RB-250 from Vinyl Nirvana

Here's another gorgeous 'table for sale at Vinyl Nirvana. This one is an absolutely beautiful Thorens TD-160 Super with a Rega RB-250 arm that's been rewired by Incognito. Here's what David Archimbault of VN has to say about this gem:

"Okay, you can tell from my website and my descriptions that I get pretty excited about turntables and the peripheries…even after all these years. Well, multiply that excitement tenfold and you will know how I feel about this specific turntable. It has been a long time since I even offered a Thorens TD–160 Super on this for sale page because I usually have a waiting list for them. Some years I come across a couple if I am lucky, and other years I don’t see any. That’s what makes this particular TD 160 Super even more thrilling: it is in amazing condition…easily the nicest to cross my bench. Cosmetically, this table is a solid 9.0 on a scale of 1-10. (Those who follow my sales know I rarely use a 9.0 rating.) The red mahogany veneer is in outstanding shape with not a single blemish to report. The metal portion of the plinth is in excellent condition, with absolutely no scuffs or scratches, and only very very slight signs of wear. The dust cover is in very good to excellent condition: there are minor blemishes, light scratches, and some circular scuffing."

Here's what he has to say about the arm:

"If you have never compared a stock Rega RB – 250 to one that has been rewired with the phenomenal Incognito upgrade wiring, it is a night and day difference… a cliche I rarely use., but in this case it’s true. The Incognito upgrade features one-piece pure copper wiring with Faraday Cage shielding. The grounding scheme removes the arm ground from the signal path. the RCA plugs and cartridge pin clips are of high quality. You can search out reviews and see this upgrade is universally praised. The re-wired arm and custom Sound Supports armboard are a $500+ value.

Overall, this is a stunning table with a serious arm capable of handling cartridges in the $500 to $2000 range with ease. I would be happy to mount any cartridge for the new owner for $40. If I install the cartridge, it makes set-up incredibly easy for set-up."

David is selling this one for just $1195 plus shipping. This is another Thorens that will probably sell quickly due to its excellent shape, and David isn't kidding when he says this TT will compete with modern turntables in the $2000 range. For more information, check out the Vinyl Nirvana website.

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