Friday, March 23, 2012

The Ready Stance's Damndest...Now on LP!

The final LP version of the Ready Stance's new album, Damndest, is finally available on LP from the band's website. As promised, Wesley Pence--guitarist and songwriter for the band--sent me the finished version to match my CD and test pressing--and it's a great package. You even get the entire lyrics sheet on the record jacket like the used to do in the old days. Wes's lyrics are one of the many strengths of Damndest, so this is a huge plus.

The pressing itself is wonderful; it sounds identical to my test pressing. Surface noise is practically non-existent, so kudos to Wesley and the band for finding the right record pressing plant in France to get the job done. Unfortunately this might remove some of the mystique of test pressings, since there are no real sonic benefits to grabbing one other than the obvious collector's standpoint, but that's extremely good news for reg'lar folks who just want a quality product.

As you can see, you also get a free digital download with the LP. My original review is here, so re-read it at your leisure. This is great, great rock and roll, told with honesty, energy and skill.


  1. Thanks heaps, Marc!
    PR folks have extended the release date slightly, but should be available via our site, Amazon, etc in a few weeks. We'll keep you/readers posted about availability.

  2. Three live, acoustic songs performed by Kentucky rockers The Ready Stance exclusively on this video episode of Mr. Media. Great stuff from a hot new band!