Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Andre Marc's New Website: Serving the

We're big fans of audio reviewer Andre Marc here at CCI, and not just because he's a big fan, in turn, of Opera Loudspeakers and Unison Research. Andre, who writes for such publications as Positive Feedback Online, Audio/Video Revolution and TONEAudio, is one of those guys who truly loves audio. He loves to write about it, he loves to talk about it and he loves music. I've talked to him many times on the phone, and his enthusiasm for all things audio is contagious. He's also very knowledgeable about the technologies behind audio, and yet he's always able to discuss these advances in an engaging and friendly manner.

Andre has started a new website, Serving the Music, where he has collected all of his equipment reviews and music reviews over the years. He also provides updates and previews on gear he's currently evaluating (as of today he's raving about the new Opera Mezza loudspeakers we just sent him) and he's employing other special features such as a section on long forgotten musical releases, concert reviews and more. If you're curious about the latest crop of music servers, streamers and file players, then Andre is your guy. Check it out today!

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