Monday, December 16, 2013

Sherman Baker's "Ducks in a Row" on YouTube

I just reviewed Sherman Baker's new eponymous CD on this blog a few days ago, and I have to admit that I found it difficult to categorize this wonderful music. I came up with a number of comparisons--Al Stewart, The Bongos, etc.--but the best way to convey Sherman's sound is to let you hear this new video which landed on YouTube today:


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  1. Marc, reading you blog entry prompted me to give this a listen. I agree its an excellent album. I hear Robyn Hitchcock's influence in Sherman's music as well. I contacted Sherman on Facebook as I could not find a place to download the album in FLAC format. He responded (or at least someone did) right away. This is option is available on his Bandcamp page for those computer audio people who read TVA.