Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Colleen's Turntables

Colleen Cardas of Cardas Audio, the coolest audiophile chick on the planet, just left a comment on the pink turntable article that included some of her favorite colorful turntables, so here they are!
"Color aside nothing is as exciting as a great sounding turntable. But lets face it some just turn you on. From artistic..."

"...to classic green and blue glowing McIntosh..."

"...to those made for Turntablists..."

"to our first "record player" retro version..."

 "...to the record breaking most expensive in the world..it's all about how sexy you believe it is. So I'm going to have to agree with Jeff Dorgay who said "I'd buy a Hello Kitty turntable in a heartbeat, but then I have Hello Kitty bubble bath..."
Thanks, Colleen!

1 comment:

  1. oh man, glad to know we're not the only household w/ hello kitty bubblebath!! LOL