Tuesday, November 9, 2010

For the men...

That pink turntable from Scheu Analog certainly created a stir on both my blog and my Facebook page. A couple of men objected to the idea of marketing a pink turntable to women. Not surprisingly, a number of women audiophiles took one look at the pink Diamond turntable and thought it was absolutely beautiful.

Jeff Dorgay of TONEAudio commented that "I know quite a few women who would be highly insulted if I even suggested that they like something because it is pink or simple to operate...never good to pre judge [sic] your audience. I know more women who prefer black to pink." Colleen Cardas replied that "I think most women are afraid of tables that are expensive and have all the bells and whistles. Anything that can be done to make them feel user friendly to women should be considered." She went on to say that "this table is advertised as designed with a women in mind."

Adam LaBarge, a reader of this blog, commented "WOW - I mean - I know 'pink' is the new 'black'. But doesn't is really show the 'out of touch'ness the male makes of hi-fi audio are? Many other industries have moved way beyond the 'pink is for girls' color scheme. BTW - I'm a guy - and I'd own that in a hot second."

MY final take is this: For every woman who doesn't like pink, there are probably five that do. Do you risk turning off one customer to make five sales? Of course you do. In fact, most business people would risk turning off five people to make one sale. And if you're a woman who doesn't like pink, you're probably used to having pink marketed to you so you're not going to get truly upset or offended anymore...you just won't buy. Most women do like pink. Market research backs this up.

So where do you stand?

By the way, the Blue Moon turntable above is made by another German turntable company called Audio Agile Unterhaltungs Elektronik (boy, that's a mouthful) and the pic is courtesy of Eduardo Gutierrez of Eduardo Audiofilos Mexicanos. I love that shade of blue!

Here's one more shot of the Scheu Analog Diamond:

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  1. Color aside nothing is as exciting as a great sounding turntable. But lets face it some just turn you on.

    From Artistic

    to classic green and blue glowing McIntosh


    Those made for Turntablists


    Our first "record player" retro version


    To the record breaking most expensive in the world


    Its all about how sexy you believe it is. So Im going to have to agree with Jeff Dorgay who said "I'd buy a hello kitty turntable in a heartbeat, but then I have hello kitty bubble bath..."