Thursday, November 18, 2010

LFD LE IV Signature Integrated Amplifier AND LE Phono Stage

To round out LFD Week here at the Vinyl Anachronist, I found this picture of the new LFD integrated amplifier and its matching outboard phono stage on Gene Rubin's website ( The amp is officially called the LE IV Signature and it retails for $3495. The phono stage is called the LE and it retails for $1200.

When I get back from Portland early next week, I'm going to try to hook up with Brian of Whetstone Audio to hear these babies. Advance word is that the LE IV is nearly as good as the $6000 NCSE, which is VERY high praise indeed. LFD makes amazing gear that looks modest and kicks major butt.

By the way, my sojourn to PDX is audio-related, and I should have a ton of crappy cell phone pics to share...and maybe a scoop or two.

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  1. I've heard and owned NCSE, Zero III, Mistral. The LE IV had a few changes implemented by Dr.Bews at the request of the US importer (Fidelis AV), who got the suggestion from one of their dealers. I listened to the LE IV and IMO you're paying more for the casework. If you want the best LFD deal, find a used Zero or Mistral. The NCSE does not sound as 'dynamic' (lively) as the Zero III, but it does sound more refined in a way that is not worth the extra price you pay for it. I have no axe to grind and I state the unabashed truth as I hear/see it. Consumer - always separate the marketing bluster of those who make money selling product, and those who in the audio zine trade from those who have first hand experiences using the products. The latter's opinions are far more useful.