Sunday, January 9, 2011

Little Ol' Me at CES 2011

"How come there are no pictures of you on the Internet?" Colleen Cardas asked me a few months ago. First of all, I'm a bit camera shy. For instance, when I watched the video of myself on The Movie Junkies webcast a couple of weeks ago, I could not stand to watch myself fidget in my chair and stare right into the camera at the worst moments. What a dork. Also, I think those camera thingies steal your soul. Finally, I've been surrounded by photographers throughout my life (my brother Greg is a fairly well-known one), and I can't stand to say "Cheeese!"

Nevertheless, some pics of me were invariably snapped of me over the last few days. I tried to grab their cameras and smash them on the ground, but some of these audio guys are bigger than me. So I suffered through it all.

The first pic is my favorite...the Three Amigos. That's me with Dan Muzquiz of Blackbird Audio Gallery and Bob Clarke of Profundo. I love those guys...embarrassingly so.

The second pic is me and Gavin Fish of MIT Cables. I told you these guys are big. I'm 5' 10", so I'm not that short. But I kept running into guys like George Cardas, John DeVore and Jeff know, guys who could have played in the NBA if they hadn't been sidetracked by audio. Note how Gavin works for MIT Cables, yet we snapped his pictures in front of a poster for Cardas Clear cable. I hope he still has his job on Monday.

Finally, the last pic of moi. It was taken by either Trenner or Friedl. That goofy smile is because I was listening to the Dukes. Enough said. I need another haircut. I actually had a few inches cut off before I went to CES. It wasn't enough.

God, I hate pictures of myself.


  1. Great to meet you in person Marc!

  2. The last one was taken by me.. i guess :)

  3. I was trying to remember when and where that pic was taken. You caught me in a candid moment...totally digging the Dukes.