Monday, January 3, 2011

Updates to Music Night

There are a couple of updates to the Dean Peer Music Night at Blackbird Audio Gallery in San Diego on January 14, 2011. Dan Muzquiz just announced that George Cardas of Cardas Audio will join his daughter Colleen at the event. In addition, Dave Clark and his wife Carol will also be there. Dave Clark is the editor of Positive Feedback Online, one of the best audio websites on the web. (And he's also a heck of a nice guy.)

Michael Mercer, one of the writers for PFO, will also be there with his wife Alexandra. Gavin Fish, co-founder of, is coming as well. is an outstanding social networking site for audiophiles and music lovers. Dan will also be featuring some art pieces at the gathering such as paintings by Justin Bua and photographs from Phillip Scholz Rittermann.

Of course you'll be able to meet with Dean Peer himself and score an autographed copy of his limited LP pressing of Airborne. Remember, only 500 are being pressed, so this will be a true collector's item.

The event starts at 4pm. As of today there is still a little bit of room left. You can reserve your spot by contacting Dan at or by calling 619-449-2787.

You can also check out Positive Feedback Online at, and AudioEvo at

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