Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Trenner & Friedl sneak peek at CES

I just grabbed these images from Dan Muzquiz of Blackbird Audio, who is busy setting up his room at the Venetian for the 2010 Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas. The first image above is of the super tweeter used in Trenner & Friedl's top of the line speaker, Duke, which is receiving its debut at the show. It's a nice close-up shot of the tweeter, and that giant diamond (it's actually a crystal) aids in dispersing the highs throughout the room in a consistent manner. But wait...this isn't on the Duke. It's actually sitting on top of MY speakers, the tiny ART monitors! I can't wait to hear how this wild-looking super-tweeter enhances the performance of the ARTs.

The second photo, below, is the Dukes fully set up. Dan has already been listening to these during the set up process, and he feels that the Dukes will be the talk of the Venetian. As you can see, they're hooked up to a pair of Rowland Research monoblocks and ready to go.

I'll be flying out early tomorrow morning, and hopefully I'll be able to post my impressions of CES in a timely manner.

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