Monday, January 10, 2011

Sonneteer Morpheus Music Centre music servers at CES 2011

I have a lot of miscellaneous pics from the CES convention, and I'll share them with you a bit later.

The first few pics come from the Sonneteer room, where they were displaying their new music server, the Morpheus Music Centre. One of the reasons I attended CES was to see what was going on in the world of music servers. My brother and I build custom music servers for many of our local customers, and most of our solution involves software rather than hardware. It was interesting to get my brother, who has been an IT guy for a very long time, to give his impressions of commercial servers. He had some interesting observations, which I'll discuss later as well.

I spoke at length to Basil Bahrani of Sonneteer, and their solution is to offer as many possibilities to the consumer as possible no matter what format or source becomes popular. Their modular approach and the feature-laden server is impressive and packs a lot of versatility in a compact, attractive and easy-to-use design. It was fun to play with their server and to revel in both its excellent user interface and its sleek technology. Of all the server solutions I saw at CES, I liked this one the best.

Plus they had their servers hooked up to the excellent Penaudio speakers from Finland. I have plenty of seat time with their Serenade speakers and always found them to be supremely satisfying in every way. In other words, the sound quality of this simple yet gorgeous system was musical and could easily drag this anachronist into the 21st century.

Plus, I dug all of the cool colors for their remotes! Oh, and I'm still very sorry for spilling my coffee on their carpet. Oops. I'm a klutz, but I can still mount and align a cartridge in minutes.

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  1. Thanks for the kind words. And no worries, I've spilled many a coffee in my time. always in the wrong places.