Friday, August 13, 2010

#10 Burger -- Alamo Springs Cafe

I'm going to throw Texas a bone right now by putting the burger at the Alamo Springs Cafe as my #10 all time burger. I'm making it a provisional rating because one of my rules for rating burgers is that I have to visit twice before ranking the burger. But I believe this is the best burger I've had in Texas, beating out such mainstays as the Counter Cafe, The Cove, Parkside, Phil's Icehouse, Hut's, Mighty Fine, La Tuna Grill, Chris Madrid's and a few others.

Margaret did remind me of another great thing about the Alamo Springs Cafe: no other burger I can think of comes at the end of a more beautiful drive. As you head south from Fredricksburg on Old Antonio Road, you're treated to 12 miles of some of the most gorgeous scenery in Texas Hill Country. Perhaps that made the burger seem even more delicious, but so what.

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