Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dan Muzquiz, Turntable Set-up Master

Over the last few days, Dan Muzquiz has been treating all of his Facebook friends to ongoing progress reports--with photographs--of an arm installation involving a beautiful Linn Sondek LP12. A friend of Dan's approached him regarding a Linn tune-up, and one thing led to another--resulting in the sale of a Funk Firm FX-R tonearm and a Transfiguration Phoenix cartridge.

It's obvious from the pictures that Dan takes turntable set-up very seriously. He uses a set-up jig for these installations, ensuring that everything is mounted and aligned in its optimal position. Not every audio dealer goes to these extremes, though they should.

Dan gets plenty of practice ripping turntables apart and putting them back together so that they're better than before. He's currently the sole US dealer for Funk Firm, and their Linn modification kits are extensive to say the least. It's very similar to the new Radikal mod Linn is now offering for more than $3K (the Funk Firm's kit is priced in the same ballpark), and I can't help but think the finished product is a true super 'table. Even this LP12 that Dan is currently servicing probably sounds fantastic.

Suddenly I want one!

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  1. Hey, that's my record player! Dan did a such a great job that I'm breaking my personal rule (never post anything ever) to give his shop a plug. If you live in Southern CA and need analog goodies or turntable work, Dan's the dude.