Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New Technologies from Blue Computer Solutions and Bright Life Family Chiropractic

Here's a little more of the fun things we get to do at Blue Computer Solutions. We've known Dr. Andrew Gessart and Dr. Tami Howard since they arrived in Kyle, and we've watched as they networked, chose their location and started construction. We've been telling them about our computer services since the beginning; my brother Mat was chomping at the bit because he knew chiropractors have super-cool proprietary software and he wanted to get his hands on it and play around.

Finally Andrew and Tami were ready to launch Bright Life Family Chiropractic, and they showed us all the things they needed in their office. We had boxes all over the Blue Computer offices, and I'm kind of amazed that once it was all installed, it's pretty compact and out of the way.

Once Mat got everything up and running, the Docs couldn't have been more happy. Andrew was like a kid in a candy store and loved the touch screen capabilities and the ease of use. The software program he uses is quite amazing in its ability to accurate assess patients and determine the right course of treatment in just a few minutes.

I know a little about chiropractic (that's the right word--I always thought it was chiropracty or chiropratology) since I once dated a girl who father was a chiropractor. He should me some basic adjustments and told me some great stories (the constipated man was a classic, but that's for another day), but it's clear that the discipline has advanced dramatically in the Computer Age. By the way, those feet belong to Dominic of Valiant Landscaping Services here in Kyle. I had Dominic service my sprinkler system and he showed up in the late afternoon when it was 104 degrees and still fixed everything with a smile on his face. He probably needs that adjustment.

Even the tables are high-tech. You don't even have to lie down on this one. It tilts up vertically and meets your body and gently transports you to a prone position. This makes perfect sense for people who are in a lot of pain.

At any rate, we're excited to help other businesses get their start in Kyle just as we did a couple of years ago. Andrew and Tami are great people--they're engaged to be married, by the way, which makes it even more fun to work with them. Many businesses have proprietary technologies that cost an arm and a leg to maintain. We have a sonogram company as a customer, and the company that serviced their computers charged them a fortune because they were "specialists." Mat walked in, figured it all out and charged a tiny fraction of what the other company cost. So don't be afraid to give him a call at (512) 644-9054. And if you need a chiropractic adjustment in central Texas, just check out Andrew and Tami's website and tell them the Vinyl Anachronist sent you.

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