Thursday, August 11, 2011

Music Night with the Clarks

While in Southern California, I also attended Music Night at the home of Dave and Carol Clark. Dave is the editor of Positive Feedback Online, and I've met him and Carol several times in the last year or so. As you might imagine, the Clarks have a spectacular system that includes a Transrotor turntable, Shelter cartridge, Bel Canto, Clayton and Cary electronics and a relatively rare pair of Reimer Speaker Systems Tetons with Townshend super tweeters. To say that the Reimers go deep in the bass is an understatement.

The entire system and room were optimized to the nth degree (you would expect no less from an editor of a respected audio publication), and the system even managed to sound realistic and tonally correct from the front porch!

I met plenty of industry people as well as audiophiles at Music Night, including Michael Mercer. Mike also writes for PFO among other publications, and he and I have discussed working together on a piece where we interview each other on the state of the union when it comes to analog. Mike is a DJ on the side, so he has a very different perspective than I. I'm looking forward to working with him, and I look forward to seeing the Clarks again on my next trip to California.

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