Monday, April 2, 2012

New reference amp for my system--the Unison Research Sinfonia!

We have a new amp in the house--the Unison Research Sinfonia! This is going to be my personal amplifier for a while, and after just a few hours with it I'm very, very happy.

It's a single-ended parallel design that uses Tung-Sol 6550s (KT88s can also be used) to get 27 beautiful watts per channel. In comparison to the newer S6 amplifier, this is a more "classic" tube design that offers a smoother, warmer and more seductive sound. The S6, which has been my favorite Unison amp so far, sounds a little "faster" and more linear, but the Sinfonia has this romantic, addictive sound that's better suited to classical music. I'm currently listening to the TrondheimSoliste LP I reviewed just a few days ago, and the forward presentation I found "bracing" now sounds more balanced and musical.

And since it's Italian, it has to be gorgeous! I love the stainless steel plate on top, and the wooden chassis that's finished in cherry (with a matching cherry remote).

I have a big pile of CDs and LPs to review, and now I can catch up. In addition, the FedEx man is currently driving around Central Texas with my Giro turntable, which was just returned by Dave Clark of Positive Feedback Online--review will appear shortly. Once I get my Unison Research Simply Phono phono preamp back from reviewer Michael Mercer, my reference system will be once again intact--for the first time in 2012!


  1. Hi, I've listened to the Sinfonia too and found its voice presentation forward and approximately twice the size as original recording. Just wondering if the S6 has the same forward representation too? I really like the soft and sweet texture of the Sinfonia, but the forwardness in vocals holds me back as I prefer a more laid back presence. Do you think the S6 is more suitable for me? Many thanks. Bill.

  2. I can't really agree with your comment about the forward vocals on the Sinfonia...I don't hear that at all. The S6 is more linear through the frequency extremes and a bit less warm.

  3. I heard the Sinfonia together with the wavelength Consecant V3 Dac at my dealers a few days ago and fell in love the sound of the the Sinfonia ! I will audition it at home next week and will most likely purchase.

  4. I have the Sinfonia with Gold Lion Kt88 tubes in combination with Quad ESL 63 speakers. A great combination.

    1. There's a new Anniversary Edition of the Sinfonia coming out this year. It will have the Gold Lion tubes along with Mundorf caps and exotic wood veneer. The Performance will come in this version as well. Both amps will have a little more power than their base version, too.