Sunday, July 8, 2012

Boy Eats Drum Machine new CD, The Battle, coming out soon...

I've you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll know I'm a big fan of Boy Eats Drum Machine, aka Jon Ragel. Jon, who is based in Portland, has been firmly established in the vanguard of the alternative breaks genre for years, so it's always fun to hear his latest release.

Jon's getting ready to release his latest, The Battle, and you can preview and preorder it right here. For those who aren't into some of the newer dub genres, BEDM is an excellent starting point since Jon melds crazy and unique samples, awesome beats and a pop-friendly song structure. A virtual one-man band--he performs alone with two turntables and a microphone plus drums and a saxophone--he has a powerful yet classic crooner's voice that makes him different from everyone else out there.

I've sampled a few of the songs from The Battle and was immediately charmed by the tight song structures and romantic yet edgy beats. He's hard to classify, but his talents will put a smile on your face. As usual, I will strive to get his latest on vinyl. I already have Booomboxxx and Hoop & Wire on both CD and LP, and his vinyl is always special because each album cover is a unique, hand-painted work of art. The Battle will be available on September 3, but I hope you'll check it out now and pre-order!

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