Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Beautiful McIntosh MR-67 Tuner!

I was just checking out the website for Echo Audio in Portland (echohifi.com) and just saw this recent arrival. Man, this is a beauty! I flirted with the idea of buying a beautifully restored McIntosh MR-78 a couple of years ago, but the terrestrial radio in Portland was disappointing to say the least. (I was also told by a hardcore Mac fanatic that the REAL tuner to buy was the MR-74, which had a few less features but probably offered the best overall sound quality, all for a price for less than the highly collectible '78.)

Kurt Doslu, who runs Echo Audio, is a good friend, and his store is probably one of the finest there is in terms of used but very desirable audio components. I sold him the better part of my system last year, by the way, and he gave me top dollar. He's also a new dealer for such brands as Grado, Manley and a few others.
He's selling the MR-67, complete with walnut case and owner's manual, for just $545. That's a very fair price for such a great piece of gear!

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