Friday, October 15, 2010

New FXR tonearm from the Funk Firm

Dan Muzquiz of Blackbird Audio just got the new FXR tonearm from the Funk Firm in, and he took these pics while he was setting up the arm with a Funk Firm Vector turntable and a Transfiguration Axia cartridge. While it looks like it starts its life as a Rega arm, word from the UK is that the FXR rivals state-of-the-art arms from the likes of SME and others. Personally, I dig the deep red arm wand!

Here's how it looks fresh out of the box!

And here's the Funk Firm Vector, unassembled.

Here's what the Vector looks like, fully assembled and ready for the FXR.

Whoops...forgot the Achromat.

Installing the arm...

Remember, the setting for FUNK is about halfway between 45 and 33 rpms.

Dan says these cartridge clips are easy to use since they're so robust. Nice to know, since I've busted and overcrimped my share of them.

And now we're ready to spin records!

Here are a few more shots...

This is a truly gorgeous turntable/arm/cart combination. Once everything is broken in, I'll ask Dan about its sound. I can't wait to visit Dan and hear for myself!

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  1. Just ordered an F.XR II. It will replace an Origin Live Silver MK II. Hoping this will, finally, allow me to concentrate on enjoying the music rather than feeling, once again, an upgrade is required.