Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Global Audiophile Network

I've giving a shout out to my friend Sid Trehan and his new venture, the Global Audiophile Network. This is a discussion forum where audiophiles from around the world can discuss all types of audiophilia, and it's a great way to find out what is happening in other countries and cultures. (For anyone who has seen the short film about the Athens Audiophile Club, you'll know that there are a lot of audio "hot spots" on different continents.)

Sid, in fact, is located in India, and there's something about his approach to audio that is fun and filled with wide-eyed wonder. If you're getting tired of those grumpy, cranky audiophiles on other discussion forums, check out the Global Audiophile Network at


  1. I agree with Marc's observations about Sid and TGAN.
    Sid's enthusiasm is contagious and the new forums have a great feel to them. There is a lighthearted, very good natured "vibe" to be found there.

    I highly recommend checking the site out.

  2. I found TGAN and Sid to be motivated by the joy of listening to music with friends and family. He believes in a community of music enthusiasts coming together to enjoy each others knowledge about products to make that listening experience achievable. Education and cooperation among people who want to share information.
    Enjoy the site it is a good one.

    Colleen Cardas

  3. Ggracias.

    Much humbled by the kind support to a very young movement.

    Heartfelt Thanks