Sunday, September 5, 2010

Great photos from Peter Selesnick of Venice Audio!

"Seriously--we have more than enough now!"

That was Jason Gross' response to sending him all these photographs from the Peter Selesnick interview that will appear in the October 1 edition of Perfect Sound Forever. I'm sure only one or two of these will make it into the article, so I'm putting the whole lot of them up here because a) Peter Selesnick is by trade a Director of Photography and therefore is an excellent photographer as well (unlike me), and b) I always dig pics of my favorite audio gear.

First of all, there's the shots of all the wonderful Harbeth speaker models. I'm a huge fan of Harbeth and I hope to own a pair very soon. Second, there are a lot of shots of the Well-Tempered Amadeus turntable that uses an actual golf ball suspended in silicon liquid as part of its tonearm assembly. Peter and I discuss this turntable at length during the interview, so I wanted everyone to see just how fun this design really is. (And by the way, the 'table sounds great!) Third, there's a pic of the Leben amps from Japan that I've discussed in two columns now.

So here you go!

Look at all those Harbeths!

That's the Compact 7-ES3s right up front. One of the best all-around speakers money can buy.

That's a lime green Rega P3-24 just like mine, and a Michell Gyrodec SE right behind it. I used to own the Gyrodec's big brother, the Orbe SE. Great turntable!

And now for the golf ball!

These are the tubed Leben amps from Japan. Great retro looks. The main designer of Leben worked for Luxman for many years.

Wrap it up...I'll take it!


  1. Brother,
    So glad that you chose to share all of the pics for the gear. Thats simply fabulous.

    Love the way you write as well, its like - being there.

    Pleasure to hv met you.


  2. Thanks for the kind words, Sid!

    Fortunately, Peter takes wonderful photographs. I'm going to keep bugging him for more!