Monday, May 26, 2014

Here's How I'd Spend $500 on a New Turntable...

I checked out the Vinyl Nirvana site this morning and found this beautiful Dual 1019 for just $475. Not every old Dual sounds magical, but this is one of the three Duals, all idler-drives, that do--the other two being the 1219 and the 1229. It's been decades since I've seen one this perfect--just look at that plinth!

The 1019 can also serve as a great 78rpm or mono deck when you choose the right cartridge. For stereo playback, I'd choose an Ortofon first unless you can find a Shure V-15, any generation, in perfect condition. (That's getting close to impossible in 2014.) I used a V-15 Type III on my Dual 510 back in the '70s, and it was my first taste of great audio.

Seriously, if you're looking for a great turntable for under $500, this is a very cool choice.

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