Thursday, February 17, 2011

Interesting Rega P25 at Echo Audio in Portland

At first I thought this latest offering from Echo Audio was a misprint...a Rega P25 with a Groovetracer subplatter for just $495? Wow!

Then I noticed that I didn't have an arm. For $495, it's still a great price, just not the deal of the century. I owned a P25 from 1998 to 2003 and it was one of my favorite TTs ever. This particular P25, which comes with a mahogany plinth, should have a Rega RB600 or RB700 mounted on it for the best performance. I'm not sure why it would be missing in the first place--a Rega turntable without a Rega arm doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Maybe someone cannibalized the stock arm to make a quick sale.

At any rate, this is still a nice find. Check out for more information.

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  1. Hey:

    Used to see a fair number of armless P3's and 2's here in St louie. Guys used to take the arms
    when they upgraded. That's how my Bro
    got a his p3 for $150 the guy kept the rb300
    when he got a Sota(yuck). The Old Rega Importer
    was here in so he got a deal on rb300 2nd for