Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Blue Cookie Solutions

Here are some of the prototypes for our upcoming "official" cookie for Blue Computer Solutions, which we will give to our customers. Erin Pont and Pam Krug of All Mom's Cookies have been working around the clock to deliver the perfect treat, which we have dubbed the Blue Cookie Solution. All of the recipes revolve around dried blueberries, and we're playing around with all types of ingredients--even maple syrup (I have a serious blueberry pancake addiction).

I think the winning cookie is the one with blueberries, white chocolate and coconut. Unfortunately, a lot of people (crazy people, I might add) don't like coconuts. So our backup is one with blueberries, white chocolate and dark chocolate.

Eventually the cookie will look like our logo. It will be perfectly square and have the actual logo imprinted onto sheets of fondant. I'll post more pics when the design is formalized!