Monday, February 7, 2011

Latest offering from Vinyl Nirvana...this AR/Moth beauty!

The latest gorgeously restored turntable from Vinyl Nirvana is this amazing AR EB-101 with a Moth RB-301 tonearm. The plinth is oiled walnut, and it has several mods from Merrill including a very cool platter. Here's the blurb from Tom at VN:

"The AR EB-101 is one of those tables that makes my heart beat faster. It has looks that demand attention.

On to the turntable…cosmetically, this table is an 8.0 on a scale of 1-10. (I’m a hard rater.) The oiled walnut veneer is in very good shape, with one area of wear on the left front top edge (see pic) and one area of wear near the right front side edge (see pic). The metal portion of the plinth is in very good shape with some very light scuffing not visible with the platters in place. There are also two scuffs on the power switch. There is a dustcover in very good condition, however, it will not sit in place with the record weight in place.

The table has been highly modified with the CURRENT incarnation of the Merrill-Scillia/Vinyl Nirvana mods. The drive platter has the upgraded bearing, and the outer platter is brand new acrylic. The mat is the Merrill-Scillia lead mat. To complete this ultra-mod, I installed the outer periphery record clamp.

The springs, grommets and studs have all been replaced/upgraded, and I have installed a new co-polymer pulley and new co-polymer armboard. Note the Bren1 solid aluminum record weight. In short, I have not offered a table this “loaded” for a while."

The price for this TT is a very reasonable $1795. As Tom states, the arm and armboard are a $475 value alone. Knowing Tom's meticulous restoration skills, this has to be one vintage analog rig that will make some audiophile a very happy camper.

If you're interested, check it out at

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