Wednesday, December 12, 2012

New Videos from Campfire OK

Nearly two years ago I reviewed Campfire OK's Strange Like We Are on CD, and wound up putting it on my 2010 Top Ten list for Perfect Sound Forever. I compared them favorably to another outstanding Seattle band, Fleet Foxes, but I ultimately concluded that "the debut CD from this quartet blazes its own trail and sounds rich, calm and mature in a way that few new bands do."

Just a few days ago I heard from Mychal Goodweather, Campfire OK's frontman, who told me that the band has been releasing new videos on their website at a rate of one per month. (They started in September, so that means you can currently watch three.) You can check it out at These videos are being culled from Strange Like We Are as well as their sophomore album, When You Have Arrived--which I haven't heard yet.

As much as I liked the debut album, I really should get When You Have Arrived. Until then, we have this videos to enjoy!

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