Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Global Audiophile Network's new look

If you haven't checked out The Global Audiophile Network yet, give it a try at I wrote about this forum a couple of months ago and highlighted the fact that this is a kinder, friendlier place for audiophiles to hang out and talk about gear and music. The whole website has recently been revamped, and you can see the new, cooler logo above.

While it's headed by my friend Sid Trehan who lives in India, he wants to stress the "global" aspect of his site and encourage people from all over the world to participate. Some months ago Sid and I discussed his plans for extending his forum worldwide, and he expressed his interest in forming partnerships with other audiophiles, webmasters and music lovers to help this become a truly global effort. If you like what you see, contact Sid through the site and assist him in realizing his vision for GAN.

As for me, I enjoy seeing pictures of systems all around the world. Audiophiles in India are surprisingly well-versed in set-up and system matching, and I've seen some truly enviable music rooms. (Another slightly amusing observation is that Indian audiophiles LOVE Marantz, which is a good thing because this legendary manufacturer has been making great gear over the last few years.) You'll also see plenty of rooms in Europe, America, Australia and the Far East...all hotbeds for audio activity.

Check it out...I'll be there!

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