Monday, December 27, 2010

The Vinyl Anachronist visits The Movie Junkies!

I'll be visiting my friend Michele Schalin on The Movie Junkies webcast tomorrow night (December 28) from 8 to 9pm Central Time. No, I won't be talking about vinyl...I'm a movie buff too. So check in and see me weigh in on my 10 favorite films for 2010 at

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  1. Ok, so its no secret Im a vinyl anachronist (no idea why my spell checker hates that word) junkie, and it would be a thrill to know Mr. Phillips favorites in terms of movies. I know that from personal experience that any comment can elicit a movie quote or a music link. Many times I have solicited a favorite book list with the standard response "A book suggestion would lead to a significant amount of time out of someones life if they didnt like it", and followed by "I would prefer to recommend a favorite movie" but the list never comes. If there is someone in this VA following who would appreciate a turntable recommendation as much as a LP suggestion it is a girl who would love a movie recommendation twice as much. Ill be sure to tune in to the Movie Junkie webcast with sheer joy and enthusiasm knowing that I dont have to watch a bunch of crud before discovering a gem in the mix. Thank you Mr. Phillips for culling the weaker music, gear, cigars, and movies from my life and filling it instead with the best of the best according to The Vinyl Anachronist (still red underlined for spelling correction) - CA