Thursday, December 23, 2010

Trenner & Friedl Dukes at CES

I just intercepted a message from Andreas Friedl of Trenner and Friedl, manufacturers of my incredible ART monitors, about their room at CES. Here's the message:

"Ladies and Gentlemen! This year, we will show an Audio system, which might have no comparison at all…!
Together with Cardas Audio and the Jeff Rowland Design Group, we will proudly present our completely redesigned DUKE. We warmly welcome all of you who will join this happening with us!

"It will be one of the most sophisticated systems ever; Jeff Rowland will bring a brand new digital analog converter (!), his heavenly Preamp Criterion, the genuine Model 625 and the new reference mono blocks Model 925! The incredibly Cardas Clear and Clear Beyond cables will connect the system to our partly activated Dukes."

In other words, this will be one heck of a reference system. I'll be at CES, so I'll have a chance to listen and meet with both Andreas and his partner Peter Trenner. And as always, I'll report my findings right here!

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