Saturday, April 16, 2011

Those AXPONA pics...

...are pretty darned good. But before you think I took a course in digital photography before I headed out to Atlanta, the reason that most of these images are so strong is that they're being taken by a professional. And that professional is Ross Bennett of ImagePro Productions. Ross is a high definition cameraman and television production specialist who literally travels all over the world to record video for broadcast. He was at Ground Zero right after 9/11, and he was just in Japan to record the devastating effects of the earthquake and tsunami.

Steve Davis, who is in charge of AXPONA, gladly gave me access to Ross' expertise. Thanks Steve, and thanks Ross! Too bad I can't afford to hire you to take all the Vinyl Anachronist photographs from now on, because I kinda suck at it.

If you need an experienced high definition cameraman or TV production expert, email Ross at

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