Sunday, April 10, 2011

Zu Audio Technics SL1200 turntable?

Yes, it's true...Zu Audio is now offering a fully-modified reworking of the Technics SL1200 turntable. But before I put this in the "lipstick on a pig" file, I must point out that nearly everything Zu Audio makes is excellent. I own their take on the Denon DL-103 cartridge and think it redefines cart performance under $1000. So this gussied up version of the SL1200 may actually be worthwhile.

Look at the list of mods on this puppy:

*Stock tonearm assembly is removed and replaced with Zu / SL-1200 Armboard / Rega

*Deck core is machined and taped to accept new armboard.

*Top plinth is reworked and encased in composite damping.

*Encapsulated top plinth is primed, painted, hand cut and polished. (Option)

*1.5” (3.8cm) thick billet aluminum armboard installed (machined to accept all Rega arms).

*New armboard sandwiches top aluminum/composite plinth with composite core.

*Platter is damped with clear ester based epoxy of medium durometer.

*Customer can spec color preference, though it is the bottom side that has the art...

*Upon request, pitch control is removed from circuit and deck.

*Upon request, popup light assembly is removed from deck.

*Ringly-jingly bits and pieces are removed or secured in plinth.

*Platter / top-half of motor is balanced.

*Transformer is removed from deck (with KAB PS-1200GX outboard power supply option).

*Zu umbilical cabled.

The price of this TT, with a Rega RB1000 tonearm included, is $4500. It may sound spectacular, but for this kind of money I think I'd go for a Rega P9, which also uses the RB1000. But that's just me.

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